Virtual Private Server for
More Power and Control

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Leverage our cutting-edge infrastructure to turn your project dreams into reality. Utilizing NVMe SSD storage and powered by Oracle and DELL servers strategically located across continents, we offer unparalleled performance and global accessibility. With Ubuntu 22.0 as our operating system of choice and industry-standard KVM virtualization technology, you have complete control over your server and hardware resources. Safeguard your virtual machine with our advanced Wanguard DDoS filtering and easily configurable firewall, ensuring robust security against malicious traffic. Whether you’re launching a web application, deploying a complex system, or building a scalable platform, our technology stack provides the foundation for success.

Heista Control Panel

Hestia is designed with seamless usability at its core, ensuring that creating users or websites is as simple as a few clicks and filling out basic fields, all the while granting effortless access to advanced functionalities. Its extendable nature is complemented by its user-friendly learning curve, allowing users to effortlessly build custom themes, web templates, and quick-install applications. Moreover, Hestia facilitates seamless interaction with third-party software through its robust API, further enhancing its adaptability and versatility for diverse user needs.

One-click wordpress Installation

Heista CP simplifies the process of WordPress installation with just one click, offering users a seamless experience. This innovative tool streamlines the setup process, sparing users from the hassle of manual configuration and technical complexities. With Heista CP, users can effortlessly deploy WordPress websites, saving valuable time and effort. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a novice, the one-click installation feature ensures a smooth and efficient setup, allowing you to focus on building your website content rather than grappling with installation procedures. Say goodbye to tedious setups and hello to swift, hassle-free WordPress installations with Heista CP.


Cloudflare’s DDoS protection is an essential shield against the ever-evolving threat landscape of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Leveraging a global network of data centers, Cloudflare’s robust infrastructure disperses incoming traffic, absorbing and mitigating malicious attacks before they can disrupt services. With advanced anomaly detection algorithms and real-time traffic analysis, Cloudflare can swiftly identify and respond to threats, ensuring uninterrupted availability for websites and applications. Their intelligent routing and caching mechanisms optimize performance, even under heavy attack volumes, while minimizing latency for legitimate users. Whether defending against volumetric, application-layer, or sophisticated multi-vector attacks, Cloudflare’s DDoS protection stands as a formidable barrier, safeguarding online assets and preserving user trust in the digital realm.


Our extensive track record includes empowering countless small and large enterprises worldwide to realise their online ambitions and objectives. Trust us to propel your endeavors forward with unparalleled support and dedication.